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Ate Dhel’s Springdale Resort

Ate Dhel's Springdale Resort

Click to Inquire Around 3 minutes from Pansol, Calamba, Laguna is this resort for rent that’s perfect for friends and families. It’s complete with a kitchen, a kubo-style dining area, unlimited videoke and billiards. Why spend your vacation in Pansol where resorts are side-by-side and where it […]

Canu Hot Spring Resort

Canu Hot Spring Resort

Click to Inquire This private hot spring resort in a quiet subdivision in Los Baños, Laguna offers a refreshing view of Mount Makiling. It’s a four-storey building with a wide view of the night sky and surrounding areas. The hot spring swimming pool has a built-in fountain […]

Zulaybar’s Private Rest House

Zulaybar's Private Rest House

Click to Inquire This private resort in Laguna provides you with an excellent view of Laguna Lake and Tadlac Lake. The resort is nestled in one of the subdivisions in the surrounding slopes of Mt. Makiling, so the elevation allows for a beautiful view of the scenery […]

Diana’s Private Resort

Diana's Private Resort

Click to Inquire Situated at the heart of a quiet subdivision in the lower slopes of Mt. Makiling is Diana’s Private Resort, a big house with four large bedrooms and a spacious two-part attic. Its green and white exteriors provide a very light and welcoming atmosphere. What’s […]

Seron’s Private Rest House

Seron's Private Rest House

Click to Inquire A very quiet spot in the subdivision located at the lower slopes of Mt. Makiling makes Seron’s Private Rest House a comforting place for solace and relaxation. It’s your home away from home. Just look at the enticing sheets that make you want to […]

Villa Yuki

Villa Yuki

Click to Inquire A little bit away from Pansol, the resorts district of Calamba City is Villa Yuki, a private resort perfect for groups of friends who are looking for a place to spend a weekend away. Its open air third level activity area allows for an […]



Click to Inquire At first, you wouldn’t think it’s a resort. Situated in a quiet subdivision in Los Baños where there’s still only a few houses standing, one would think that it’s just a house of some well-to-do family. When you enter the gate, you’d immediately see […]

Villaflorida’s Private Pool

Villaflorida's Private Pool

Click to Inquire Villaflorida’s Private Pool is like other hot spring resorts in Los Baños that can accommodate 15 to 25 people max. Available features include three rooms, videoke, kitchen facilities, a television, three rooms, refrigerator, etc. One thing to take note here is that this private […]

Nards’ Resort

Nards' Resort

  Click to Inquire       Located in a large subdivision with less than 15 houses, this private resort in Los Baños, Laguna is big and solitary enough to feel you are away from the hustle and bustle of the city life in the metro. The […]

Villa Reeana

Villa Reeana

Click to Inquire This a typical private resort for rent designed and built to accommodate local tourists who want to have a fun day or night swim in a Laguna resort. It is situated in the boundary of Los Baños and Calamba, so it’s just 15 minutes […]

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